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  • Regency Wood Stoves, The Perfect Centerpiece

    Regency wood stove classicThe latest innovation in Regency wood stoves is now available for you. The complete line of Regency products is a perfect complement for every home because of its classy decorative trends which is just right for a clean and modern living room. If you are familiar with the traditional Regency stoves which boasts of its quality construction materials and efficient direct-vent gas room heating system, the new Regency wood stoves is even better. To prove that the Regency products can stand the test of time, the company gives out a lifetime warranty which is not available in other brands of wood stoves.

    Regency wood stoves produce exceptional fire, traditional elegance which can add a lot of color to your living room, and a heating system which you can easily control. There is always perfect Regency stove for any range of style and design of home you have. Needless to say, you only have to look at the various arrays of Regency wood stoves and you will surely find the right centerpiece for your living room. A lot of customers say that they really like the warmth of their Regency stove and they enjoy the product which has been installed in their homes for several years now.

    Regency wood stove hamptonThe Regency Company gives its commitment to their service and their main aim is to satisfy their customers by selling quality Regency, Hampton and Excalibur products. The company has been engaged in the manufacture and distribution of wood stoves for quite a number of years and it has also been dubbed as one of the leaders in the business industry. If quality products and designer accessories are what you seek, you can definitely find these qualities in Regency wood stoves. These stoves have been certified to by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency of the State so the potential customers are assured that the company complies with all State laws regarding the protection of the environment.

    Regency wood stoveQuality time with your family is very important and you can do this right in the comfort of your own living room with your Regency wood stoves to give you comfort and warmth. Your kids will surely enjoy even short talks which are very important as they grow up. Quality bonding time should not be compromised no matter how busy the parents are because your kids may not tell you everything unless you talk with them as a friend.

    Regency wood stoves have passed through the rigors of work done by the Company Engineers who made careful analysis and design. They have finally come out with the firebox which can create proper air flow in the fireplace. The best feature of the Regency wood stoves is that you will have very few ash particles after the fire not to mention the fact that you will not be polluting the surroundings with too much smoke. As an eco-friendly product, the Regency wood stoves stand by the Company’s vision to provide its customers with professionally made stoves that are not detrimental to Mother Nature.



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  • Company Background

    lopi stovesProduced under Travis Industries, Lopi Stoves have been manufactured for over 3 decades. Lopi is a well known brand that has warmed the homes of Americans in and out of the country. Lopi also sells its products to Canada and Australia.

    Lopi offers a full product line of heating products, making it one of the most versatile manufacturers of stoves and inserts. A brief description can be found in the next section.

    The Stove Line

    Lopi makes a wide variety of stoves and heating products. The guide below gives a short description of what the company offers.

    • Gas Fired – gas fired stoves and fireplaces and inserts have units which utilize Lopi’s Green Smart technology. This basically makes your unit use gas in a more efficient manner so that you won’t find yourself paying high gas bills for constant use of your stove. These also feature realistic flames and logs which add to the beauty of watching the fire.

    • Wood Fired – this line offers wood stoves as well as inserts which are designed to make better use of your fireplace space. The wood stoves come at different heating capacities to suit different needs for different spaces. They may also come with Lopi’s Green Start technology which uses an electric starter to introduce superheated air to light your wood.lopi stoves wood fired This avoids the hassle of using newspapers of tinder, and experiencing smoke when you need light or relight your fire.

    • Pellet Fired – Pellet stoves and inserts are also offered by Lopi. These can be fully automated which means it can regulate heat through thermostats, controls and a feeding system for pellets. It also regulates heat efficiently through the use of heat circulating fans. Remote control is also offered for added convenience.

    • Electric Fireplaces- these electric heaters can provide heat for spaces which may not have space for fuel fired stoves or fireplaces. They are also very useful for places where burning fuel is not allowed. While ordinary electric heaters will just give off heat, the Lopi line offers much more in terms of entertainment. A log set actually glows along with embers to give it a realistic feel of traditional fireplaces. It also makes use of LED lights to further accentuate and simulate fire and flames. Different units can be utilized for different purposes such as fireplace inserts or units which can be installed in cabinets or even on the wall. Some units also come complete with a speaker system you can hook up your music player to.

    Where to Get Lopi Stoves

    These stoves are sold by accredited dealers nationwide. To find a dealer near you, visit the Lopi Website at and enter your zip code. You’ll be sure to find more than a couple of dealers in your area.

    lopi stoves second hand unitIf you’re going to buy second hand units then make sure it is good working order, and make sure all the paperwork and warranties are all valid. This will save you plenty of trouble when you need to get your unit serviced.

    Lopi has gotten consistently good reviews, making it a trusted brand in hearth products. You’ll be sure to find a product that will suit your need with Lopi.

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